Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday, December 1

5th Grade:  The fifth graders learned about the adventures of Sir Fracis Drake today.  We did some reading in class and also completed a writing activity.  The students read an exerpt from Queen Elizabeth's Golden Speech then rewrote the speech using their own words.  I enjoyed hearing several of the students deliver their speeches.  There was no homework assigned for today however they should have their vocabulary terms done by friday (pg. 119).

6th Grade:  The students seemed excited learning about the Persian Wars as we covered some fascinating details such as the origin of the Marathon and some of the tactics used by Leonidis and Xerces as they led their great armies.  There was no assignment today.

7th Grade:  Today, the students finished their video which uncovers the mysteries of the Romanov family.  They learned about the intrigue of Rasputin and the tales and controversy behind Anastasia.  There was no assignment today

8th Grade:  We continued learning about the Vietnam War in class covering material on the Ho Chi Mihn and also the Vietcong.  The students did not have a homework assignment today.

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