Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 30

5th Grade:  The fifth graders continued learning about Queen Elizabeth I in England.  They saw a brief video clip of the London Tower where Elizabeth was prisoner before her reign.  Further, The students refined their geography skills by doing daily geography and by playing a new activity, Earth Ball.  The assignment for today was to read pages 100-102 and think about about the questions: what were Elizabeth's nicknames and what were "progressess."

6th Grade:  The sixth graders became Olympic Athletes today as we concluded learning about the 1st Olympics.  The students compared and contrasted the ancient Olympics to the modern Olympics in their homework assignment.  They also got to try a few of the sports modified for the classroom including the javalin, shot put, and discus.  The compare and contrast worksheet is due tomorrow.

7th Grade:  7th graders seem to love histroy when it includes violence, thus many enjoyed today.  We learned about the Romonov family in Russia.  We began watching a video which describes the tragic events that happened to the family during the Russian Revolution.  There was no homework today as I know many are busy with the science fair.

8th Grade:  We continued to learn about the Vietnam War focusing on the Indochina War and the rise of Ho Chi Mihn.  The students took some notes, had a reading assignment, and had 10 questions to answer as homework.

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