Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, December 6

5th Grade: The students did Daily Geography, played the World Wall game, and completed a writing activity in which they inserted their vocabulary terms into a story.  We also covered pages 107 & 108 from the text.

6th Grade:  Today, covered pages 59-61 in the text which was all about the Peloponnesian War.  We also did daily Geography and the students had the following questions to answer and turn in for tomorrow:
What was the Delian League?

What was Pericles’ reputation in the Golden Age?

What is the Acropolis?  What was its most famous Building?  Sketch it.

Who were Aristophanes and Sophocles?  What was different about them?

7th Grade:  In class we discussed communism as we are learning about the Russian Revolution.  For an assignment, the students had class time to research Vladimir Lenin and were given a template to create a resume for Lenin.  This assignment is due tomorrow.

8th Grade:  The students had a cultural lesson today as we explored the Hmong people.  This tied in nicely with our unit on the Vietnam War.  The students reviewed material from the Hmong Organization and read a collection of quotes from Hmong immigrants. There was no homework today.

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