Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9

5th Grade:

Today we learned about the trial of Galileo.  To better understand the trial, we began setting up a mock trial.  I decided that it would be best to set up the trial as if it were taking place in modern America.  The students were assigned parts in the trial and began to gather their information.  The mock trial will be held on Friday during class.  Tomorrow, the students will have a substitute teacher and will be given their study guides.  Thursday, we will have a guest presenter (I am unsure of details right now).  The exam for the Reformation will be held next Tuesday.  The study guide will also be posted on the blog tomorrow.  No homework today :)

6th Grade:

The sixth graders continued learning about Ancient Athens as we finished section 2 in the text.  We compared and contrasted life in Ancient Athens to our lives today.  As an assignment, the students had to fill out a venn diagram recording this information.  On the back, there is a writing assignment in which they are to create a fictional city of their own.  This assignment will be due Thursday as we will be attending a field trip tomorrow.

7th Grade:

Today the students took soome notes on the British Isles and the United Kingdom as we continue to explore the geography of Europe.  The students had a reading assignment and corresponding questions to complete for class on Thursday.  The assignment is on one page and entitled "The British Isles."  Just a reminder- we will be attending a field trip tomorrow for "Math Day" at the MN Zoo.  The students will board the bus at 9 a.m. tomorrow and be back in time for dismissal.  They are to bring a sack lunch.  On a separate note, we have been working hard on our European Country research projects.  After a discussion with students, I decided to give them an extension until Monday to complete the project.  This will allow them to work on them this weekend.

8th Grade: 

Today we finished watching the documentary on the assassination of JFK.  The students were given an assignment to research the assassination and to formulate their own report on their finding.  We will continue to work on this Thursday and it is due Friday.  Field trip tomorrow :)  Study guides will go out Friday; the Cold War exam will be next Wednesday (in one week).

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