Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 8

5th Grade:

The fifth graders are excitedly learning about the life and discoveries of Galileo.  Today, we covered some reading material and began preparing for a mock trial to simulate that of Galileo's.  The trial will be conducted tomorrow.  The students have an assignment due tomorrow: lesson 5 WS.

6th Grade:

In class we played a vocabulary review game called "I have, who has" and began learning about life in Ancient Athens.  There was no homework assignment today.

7th Grade:

The students had a special guest in the classroom.  Today we were learning about life in the United Kingdom.  Mrs. Jackson, a teacher at DaVinci and native of England, gave a presentation and took questions.

8th Grade:

The eigth graders explored the assassination of JFK today and began watching a documentary that presents some of the mysteries that surround the event.  Tomorrow, we will begin to conduct our own research and formulate our own ideas and theories that may or may not agree with the findings of the Warren Commission. The students did not have a homework assignment

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