Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thurs. Novermber 11

5th Grade: 

Today the fifth graders had a special guest speaker, Mr. Troy.  He shared art samples and discussed how they are relevant to today's world and how they are sources of strength.  I also handed out the study guide for the Reformation exam.  The test will be next Tuesday.  You can find the study guide under the 5th grade assignments section of the blog page.

6th Grade:

We began learning about the mighty Spartans in Ancient Greece and shared our writing assignments with the class.  Ask your student to tell you about their city writing assignments.  Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did.  There was no homework assignment today.

7th Grade:

I pushed back the due date for the European Country project to Monday as the students were still working hard on them.  I worked closely with several students today as we had our final work day on the projects.  If any students would like extra assistance, they will be able to work on them with me from 4:15- 5 :30 tomorrow.

8th Grade:

The students finished their JFK research assignments and should be prepared to hand them in tomorrow.  I assisted many students with the editing process and am very impressed with their dedication to the assignment.  I look forward to our debate tomorrow on the assassination of JFK.  I also handed out the study guides for the Cold War exam.  The exam is scheduled for Wednesday.

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