Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tues. Nov. 2

5th Grade:

We finished learning about Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin and how they contributed to the Protestant Reformation.  Also, we watched a brief video clip about Zwingli and Calvin.  The students did not have any homework today :)

6th Grade:

In the spirit of election day, we elected our class secretary who assists by helping students who were absent get caught up.  We also continued learning about the Iliad.  The students were introduced to the characters of Achillies and Hector.  We read section 2 of the Trojan War in class and the students are to complete the corresponding questions for homework.

7th Grade:

We spent the class period in the library conducting research for their European Country Project.  The rubric is posted under 7th Grade Assignments.  The project is due November 12.

8th Grade:

Today, we finished learning about the Apollo 11 Moon Mission and took notes.  We also watched some real video footage of the shuttle launch and footage from the moon and the world's reaction in 1969.  There was no homework assignment for today.

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