Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday, November 12

5th Grade:

The classroom was transformed into a courtroom today for the Trial of Galileo.  The trial was set up as if it were in the modern American legal system.  After excellence testimony and thorough questioning by the prosecution and defense, the jury was hung, resulting in a mistrial.  The students have a study guide to prepare for their reformation exam Tuesday.  We went over it today to ensure they have all the correct answers.  It is also posted on the blog in case it doesn't make it home :)

6th Grade:

Students attended the living museum put on by the fourth graders today.  We also continued to learn about the mighty Spartans.  The students began to create shields fashioned after those of the Spartan warriors.  We will coontinue to work on them on Monday.

7th Grade:

Today, the students covered material on France and Germany and took notes.  We also watched some video footage of the Berlin Wall.  Reminder:  The European Country Project is due on Monday.  We will have a quiz on Europe next Friday.  It will include information from the notes and will include a map portion.  The students will have to identify: England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy.  The Pyrenees, The Alps, the Appennies, and the Carpathian Mountains.  The Mediterranean, North, Baltic and Black Seas.

8th Grade:

In class, we went over the study guides so the students can study all weekend :)  The Cold War Exam will be on Wednesday.  We also had a debate about the assassination of JFK and finished by watching some gripping footage about the very-exclusive North Korea.  The students do not have a weekend assignment.

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