Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 15

5th Grade:

The class reviewed for the Reformation exam TOMORROW by playing Jeopardy review.  Again, the exam is tomorrow and I will be checking to ensure that the study guides are completed.  Good luck studying.  If your student has misplaced his or her study guide, be sure to download it from the 5th grade assignments section.

6th Grade: 

The students did an activity in which they compared and contrasted Ancient Athens from Ancient Sparta.  The students then worked on their Spartan shields.  There was no homework today.

7th Grade:

The European Country projects were due today.  The students began presenting their creations and I also handed out study guides for their Europe Exam which is scheduled for Friday. 

8th Grade:

The eigth graders played Jeopardy today to review for their Cold War exam which is scheduled for Friday.  Tomorrow they will be attending an assembly in the gym to hear student council speeches.  There was no homework assignment.

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