Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16

5th Grade:

The fifth graders tested on the Reformation today.  Tomorrow we will go over the exams and begin learning about the Golden Age in Europe.

6th Grade:

Today, the students learned about Lycurgus of Sparta and did an activity about the government in Sparta.  I also handed out study guides for the Athens and Sparta exam which is scheduled for Thursday.  Due tomorrow is the Lycurgus assignment and their Spartan shields.  Also, we will be going over the study guides to ensure that they have the correct answers to study.

7th Grade:

The students continues presenting their European Country Projects today. 

8th Grade:

During the Social Studies period, the eigth graders had an assembly for the student council. After, we watched some video footage from the Korean War.  The students have a test tomorrow.  Study!

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