Thursday, October 28, 2010


5th Grade:

Today we finished our Placards about Martin Luther.  The students do not have any homework other than studying for their vocab quizzes.  The quiz will be 5 questions and 5 points from their set of 10 vocab words from the unit.

6th Grade:

We learned about some of the myths and legends of Ancient Greece and the gods and goddesses from Mt. Olympus.  The students were given packets containing information about the characters we discussed.  They are to read them and add color if they choose.

7th Grade:

In class we learned about Peer Mediation at Davinci from our student presenters.  We also took notes on the rivers and seas of Western and Central Europe.  Tomorrow we will be conducting research for our European Country Project.

8th Grade:

Today we took notes on The Red Scare and learned about McCarthyism.  We also watched some video footage of the demilitarized zone separating the Koreas.  The students were assigned reading and questions about Senator Joseph McCarthy.

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