Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27

5th Grade:

In fifth grade we are studying the Protestant Reformation.  We are currently learning all about Martin Luther and in class we are working on placards to hang on the wall telling the school about Luther and his bold statement.


Vocacbulary: alloy, confederacy, foundry, heretic, monestery, monk, penance, pilgrimage, purgatory, and theology.  We will have a 5 point quiz on the terms on Friday the 29th.

10/25-W.S. 18: The Printing Press
10/26- No HW
10/27- No HW

6th Grade:

We are currently learning the wonders of Ancient Greece.  This is a topic the students seem to LOVE.  We have begun by learning about Greek Mythology and will be studying the Trojan War by looking at a condensed version of Homer's The Iliad.


Vocab: city-state, Asia Minor, ostracize, rhetoric, epic poem, truce, trilogy, plague, ethics, abstract, virtue  We will have a 5 point quiz on Friday.

10/25- Ancient Greece Map
10/26- Legend of the Minotaur Activity
10/27- Mythology WS 42

7th Grade:

In 7th Grade we are studying the geography of Western and Central Europe.  The students are learning about the fascinating mountains, rivers, cities, and countries of historic Europe.  A project that they will be working on is their European Country Project.  Each student is to select a country to research and they will be able to present their findings in the form of a paper, brochure, Powerpoint presentation, or video.  I am excited to see what they come up with.  The due date is November 12 and we will spend some class time on the project.


10/25- Europe Political Map
10/26- Exploring Europe WS
10/27- No HW

8th Grade:

The 8th Graders seemed intrigued learning about the Cold War.  We are covering topics such as the Soviet Union, the Korean War, the Red Scare, the Space Race and much more.


10/25- Soviet Union WS
10/26- No HW
10/27- Korean Conflict WS

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