Thursday, August 6, 2015

2017-2018 Blog Guide

Hello All,

It is my hope that this website can be a helpful tool for you throughout the course of the year.  There are four sub-categories of this page, a category for each of my classes as well as a General Links category.  This is where you can find resources for your class in the form of internet links.  Below is a more detailed description of the resources that are usually posted.

1.  Course Syllabus: You can review the expectations, course units, and grading system.

2. Posted Unit Notes: I will post the classroom notes for the entire unit (usually a unit is 3-4 weeks long).  There is a spot on the website for links for each grade.  Notes will be posted when we begin a new unit so if you miss a day, you can still access the notes or you can use it to review the entire unit.

3.  Posted Videos: When I can, I will post the links to the videos and video clip that we watch in class.  In a typical unit, there are several clips that can be helpful.  I will also post some supplemental clips for those who crave more knowledge.

4.  Project Rubrics/Additional Info: When a class has a specific project, field trip, etc., it can be helpful to access the rubrics and guidelines online.  As these projects and events come up, I will post information that you may find helpful.

Note: The website will only be updated when I have new notes or material to post and it will be cleared after each unit has been completed.