Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, June 1

5th Grade:  Only Ms. Nelson's class had SS today.  We worked on our research projects in class.  Papers are due tomorrow; we will do the pop-sickle stick figures in class tomorrow.

6th Grade:  The students learned about Socialism and Communism today and compared it to yesterday's topic of Capitalism.  Study guides are posted and went out today; we will spend time in class working on them.  The test is on Tuesday.

7th Grade:  We will have a quiz on the Northeast U.S. on Friday which will include a map (similar to the one done in class) and a few questions.  Today we worked in geography centers.

8th Grade:  The students learned about the powers and responsibilities of the president today.  They also had an assignment consisting of a worksheet on the Executive Branch; this is due tomorrow.  Quiz on the Executive Branch is FRIDAY.

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