Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 11

5th Grade:  The students created a Venn Diagram illustrating the differences between the North and the South prior to the Civil War.  They also had a reading assignment of 237-239.  There will be a vocab quiz on Friday.

6th Grade:  We began a new unit today on the Industrial Revolution.  The students did an activity in which they compared their lives today to a life without appliances.  They also had a reading assignment of pages 162-164 and we took a few notes.

7th Grade:  We went to the media center today where the students gathered research for their WWII research assignment.

8th Grade:  The students learned how a bill becomes a law today.  We will apply the method similarly tomorrow with some role playing.  The students are to bring an idea to class tomorrow for a new law for our school, community, or nation.  There will be a quiz on the Legislative Branch on Friday.

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