Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16

5th Grade (Nelson): The students took a vocabulary quiz today and watched a video clip about the emergence of President Lincoln.  HW for tonight is to read pages 243-248 from their text book.

5th Grade (Arrowsmith): We reviewed our unit thus far and the students began reading pages 249-253 from their text books.  In our unit, the South has seceded from the Union so as an optional assignment, some are coloring the uniforms of each type of soldier.

6th Grade:  We are currently learning about some of the horrors of factory life during the Industrial Revolution.  The students had a reading assignment of pages 172-175 and also a worksheet detailing the life of a child factory worker.  Vocab is also due on Thursday and there will be a quiz.

7th Grade: The students are busy working on their research projects.  Students should be started on their rough drafts.  At the end of class tomorrow, I will be checking the rough drafts; final projects are due on Thursday. (The rubric is posted).

8th Grade:  We are excited to move on to the judicial branch of government.  Today we took notes to understand how the system works. We will conduct a mock trial later in the week.

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