Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 15

5th Grade:  The 5th graders seemed to enjoy blending art into the lesson today as we made accordian foldables that showed the operation of southern plantations.  We will finish this project on Monday; no HW.

6th Grade:  We took notes today and watched a video clip about the Delaration of the Rights of Man in the French Revolution.  The students had a reading assignment of pages 142-149 in their text books.

7th Grade:  The 7th graders had lots of fun participating in Geography Centers today.  Quiz them on countries and states to check their growth.

8th Grade:  The Bill of Rights was the topic of today.  We took notes and examined the first 5 amendment of the constitution.  We also checked out the Preamble as told by Schoolhouse Rock and listed to the Bill of Rights rap.  HW today was to read pages 15-31 from We the People.

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