Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday, March 30

ALL CLASSES- Progress reports were sent home today.  We have one week left; get all missing work in!!

5th Grade:  The students toned their geography skills during geography centers and we covered pages 188-189 from our Japan unit.  No HW.  The test will be next Tuesday.  Study guides go out tomorrow.

6th Grade:  We continued learning about the French Revolution covering pages 138-140 in our unit.  I will be breaking the unit into two parts.  The test for part 1 will cover lessons 1-6 and is scheduled for next Tuesday.

7th Grade:  We watched some footage from Stalingrad and the students read about the famous battles on the Eastern Front from The World Wars pages 174-184.  No HW.

8th Grade:  Today we learned about Nelson Mandela and the resistance movement to Apartheid.  The students began creating a resume for Mandela.  We will continue to work on them tomorrow and they are due Friday.  The unit exam is scheduled for Tuesday.

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