Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday, March 22

5th Grade: As a class we read section 1 from our text about feudal Japan.  The students then had a mapping Japan assignment that will be due tomorrow.

6th Grade:  Pages 122-124 were covered in our text as we learned about the roots of the French Revolution.  HW was for them to read page 124 and work on their vocabulary terms.  Vocab is due on Friday and the terms can be found at the end of the chaper.

7th Grade:  Today we began learning about the attack on Pearl Harbor and will continue with the topic tomorrow.  The students had a reading assignment of pages 148-157 from their text, The World Wars.

8th Grade:  We began our notes about Apartheid today and the students had a reading assignment from a new yellow text about South Africa (4-13).  They also had a mapping Africa assignment.

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