Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, Feb 7

5th Grade:  The students had an assignment that consisted of a front and back worksheet.  The front focuses on vocabualry from the unit while the back highlights the achievements of the various explorers.  This text will be very helpful for this assignment.

6th Grade:  Today we went over our study guides and the exam was pushed back to WEDNESDAY as we would not have had enough time to play the Jeopardy Review that the students enjoy.  Tell them study tonight and tomorrow.  The study guides are posted under 6th grade assignments.

7th Grade:  The students learned about the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt today and were given their Study Guides.  The exam on the 1920s and 1930s will be this Friday.  We will be preparing in class but they should also be studying at home.  Notes and the study guide posted under 7th grade assignments.

8th Grade:  The students learned about the Chernobyl disaster today and were given their study guides for the Civil Rights Exam.  The exam will be this FRIDAY.  The study guide is posted along with the notes under assignments. 

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