Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 16, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone,

It feels great to dive back into school and I will do my best to make this webpage a useful resource for you.  Looking ahead, we have no exams in any classes for at least two weeks.  I will post each of the classroom copies of unit notes in the 'assignments' section of the webpage.

7th Grade: We are finishing our unit on the Great Depression and working from Chapter 22 in their orange history books.  The kids seem to be enjoying learning about FDR and the New Deal.

8th Grade:  I am excited to be teaching about the Civil Rights Movement.  8th Grade Students will be doing a special performance for 4th Grade Students the day after MLK Day.  They will be doing a skit and having a discussion about Sit-Ins and the purpose behind the Civil Rights Movement.

9th Grade:  The students are busy learning about the work that went into establishing America as a powerful nation after gaining its independence.  The students are working from Chapter 6 in their orange text book.

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