Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dec. 4, 2012

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Here are the current happenings in Social Studies right now:

9th Grade:  The Chapter 4 (American Revolution) Exam is scheduled for tomorrow.  All of the notes and the study guide (with classroom responses) are posted under 9th Grade Assignments.  I am also looking forward to taking the kids to see the movie, Lincoln on Thursday.  We will be going to the Wynnsong Theater in Moundsview to attend the 11:30 show.

8th Grade:  We are looking at having our Vietnam War exam towards the end of next week.  A study guide will go home with students on Friday.  They also have a text book (Vietnam: Atlas of the Conflicts) that they are working toward finishing.

7th Grade:  Currently, we are learning about many exciting topics from the Roaring Twenties. Look for the test to occur at the end of next week.  Study Guides will go home next Monday.  All of the unit notes are posted under "7th Grade Assignments."

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