Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, March 7

5th Grade:  We are going to have a test on Thursday.  We are finished going through the material about Early Russia and the students have a study guide to work on (is also posted under 'assignments').  In case you are wondering, the Russian Architecture project is not meant to be a headache (they may simply draw one of the structures we discussed, but some wanted to create a model).  They will have time to work on the study guide in class tomorrow.

6th Grade:  The students will have a quiz on the Enlightenment on Thursday.  They have been given a study guide that will be a graded assignment (is also posted under 'assignments').  The quiz will iniclude material from the study guide and vocab.

7th Grade:  Anne Frank play is TOMORROW.  We will be gone from 10-2.  HW is to read pages 135-147 from The World Wars.  Please email me if you have questions regarding the play (

8th Grade:  The students learned about the conflicts of the 1990s in Eastern Europe today.  We are looking at the Kosovo and the former Yugoslavia.  No HW.

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