Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, Feb. 15

5th Grade:  We reviewed for the test tomorrow.  Study hard!

6th Grade:  We learned about Isaac Newton as we cover pages 98-99 in our red text book.  No HW

7th Grade:  Part of class was spent explaining a fund raiser that the in which the school will be participating.  It is called Pennies for Patients and we will be collecting any change or bills we can for the next two weeks.  All proceeds will go towards the Leukemia Society helping children.  We also read pages 111-115 from our text, War, Peace, and All That Jazz and we are beging our WWII unit.  No HW

8th Grade:  We will be learning about the fall of the Soviet Union next.  The students collected some background info on former president, Jimmy Carter today.  No HW

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