Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday, Jan. 27

5th Grade:  Today the students read pages 138-139 from the green text book.  They also played a vocab game and watched part of a video about Columbus' voyages.  No HW.

6th Grade:  The students' read pages 86-88 from the red text book and had an assignment about the Colosseum and Gladiators of Rome.  They also have their Julius Caesar Obituaries/Eulogy due tomorrow (a rubric can be found under 'assignments').

7th Grade:  Today the students took some notes about Henry Ford and Charles Lindberg.  We watched some footage about Lindberg's historic voyage and the kidnapping of his child.

8th Grade:  The students learned about the race riots of the 1960s today and took notes.  There was no HW assignment today.

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