Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, December 9

5th Grade:  The fifth graders had a reading assignment for homework today.  They were to read pages 114 and 115 from their text book and be prepared to discuss the plague tomorrow.  Many completed their assignment in class as they had about 10 minutes of class time.  The students will have a study guide to work on tomorrow; the test is Wednesday.

6th Grade:  Today we studied Plato and Aristotle.  The students examined what it means to be a philosopher.  There was no homework today.  The test on Ancient Greece is scheduled for next Thursday.

7th Grade:  The students were given their study guides today.  The test on the Russian Revolution will be next Tuesday.  They will be allowed to use their study guides on the test and will be able to turn them in for points.

8th Grade:  The students took some notes today about the Kent State shootings and watched some live video footage from the Vietnam War.  There was no HW today.

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